July 3, 2011

What? Re-blogging?

So, we’re back, I guess. Me and Ellis are starting blogging again on this blog.


There’s nothing concrete or no activity levels set, we’re just gonna try and write at least one thing each per week and see how it goes again, if we get a decent set-up going. I have the internet at home now so I can access the blog more and we’ve finished our exams and whatnot now and have more free time, so don’t expect another random death again. xD That’s all for now, guess there should be more posts soon. Thanks to everyone that’s been casually visiting while we’ve been away, we were astounded to come back to over 600 total site views. It’s an honour to think that our site has somehow been found day after day with it’s limited (and crappy) content, so thank you all! :)


Anyway, thanks for reading~ George. :)

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April 28, 2011

One Whole Year. <3

So, today (April 28th), is my one year anniversary with my girlfriend, Emily. <3

Emily is the single most amazing person I have ever met, she is kind, funny, smart, beautiful… Just amazing. <3

I’m 16, and I love her. I know that’s a word that’s kinda over-used in today’s society; but I know how strong a word love is, and I only use it when appropriate – in cases pertaining to Emily.

Because it’s a different kind of love to your family or friends when you’re in a truly loving relationship.

So, why is my love so special, as opposed to everybody else’s? Well, I’ll lay down a few little bits that I think are important in my relationship and make my love as special, real and pure as it is.

– I would do anything for Emily. I don’t just say this, I have proven it on multiple occasions.

– I know I’m not perfect; I frequently admit it and apologize for it. But we love each other for who we are.

– We know our relationship isn’t perfect; but we want to be together, even when it’s tough.

– We stick by each other, always.

– We can always count on each other and tell each other anything; we’re reliant upon each other almost.

I could go on and on and on, I could write pages on my relationship, and the love it holds, but I probably am going to anyway, so I don’t need more at this bit.

We have five kind of core principles for our relationship, which I feel could be applied to any relationship. Honesty, respect, trust, commitment and love. We formed our relationship on these foundations. We’re honest with each other, completely 100%. We respect each other completely. We trust each other with our lives. We’re committed to each other and would never cheat or anything of the kind. And we love each other. Yes, we love each other. No, really.

It annoys me when I see people say that they love each other, when they clearly don’t. Why say you love someone when you’re just trying to have sex with them? Why say you love someone when you’re desperate and just went out with them ‘for the crack’ or ‘because you were bored’? Why say you love someone when you lie to them all the time? Because it doesn’t look like you do.

But, back to the topic, today is my one year anniversary (should Ellis post this on the correct day for me), and I’m looking back and celebrating this. I’m taking Emily to see some of our favourite bands in concert for our anniversary (it’s a day before, but that doesn’t matter) and a week after for my birthday present. (I got the tickets for my birthday – April 9th.) I’m looking back at my past year and I am celebrating it, because it’s been the best year of my life. I found love, and it’s a wonderful thing. It’s changed me into a completely different person (for the better) and given me a new view on life.

Love is a marvelous thing. <3 And it should be celebrated, for it changes people and saves lives. That’s why I won’t be posting anything on my anniversary, I’ll be spending my whole day with Emily. Hopefully Ellis will post this for me. I’m having a day with Emily, because I love her. <3

If anyone else out there is in love, congratulations. If not, it will come to you, you can’t find it, it finds you, unexpectedly. Thanks a lot for reading. -George.

April 26, 2011


On behalf of both me and Ellis, our humblest apologies for our inactivity as of late. What with going back to school, me going camping with Emily and her Mam and everything else, we haven’t been posting a lot.

Plus I’m going away a couple of times in the really near future, so I might not post that much. But we’ll be up and posting as much as we can as soon as possible!

We have a draft ready to post on Thursday! (Written by George, Ellis will be posting due to prior arrangements with George.) So you can all read that. :D

The recent decline in views makes us sad. :( But I guess it’s what we get for our inactivity. We’ll try and boost our recent amount of posts. Thanks for all the (currently low amount of) views anyway! Keep reading! -George.

April 21, 2011

300!? :D

Just another little site-orientated post. We passed 300 views early this morning. Thank you to ALL of our viewers, even if you’ve only viewed once. You’ve all helped us reach this milestone.

Oh, and we got another search engine hit, for “amen revolution” – Credit to Ellis for that.

Also, something I forgot to include in the last post. Adding up the numbers by the side of the “Categories” will NOT give you the full amount of posts; it is a greater number than the amount of posts because some posts are filed under multiple categories.

Anyway, next up, 500 views! I’m going camping tomorrow, so probably won’t post all weekend, but I’ll leave you in the more than capable hands of Ellis and hopefully Billy! Maybe we’ll hit 500 before I get back. Who knows? ;D Thanks guys. -George.

April 20, 2011

R.I.P Louise Stearne

This is NOT a joke. Please don’t take it as such. I know some sick people out there would maybe do stuff like that, but I wouldn’t.

At some point recently (I think it was Monday night), I found out about the death of Louise Stearne, otherwise known as “Lofty”. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t extremely close to Louise, but when I was in the Air Cadets, she was an amazing, kind person and always went out of her way to help the newbies.

Louise was, quite frankly, bullied. She was jumped and physically beaten up, always causing injuries which she’d claim as accidents. She was a lesbian, Scottish (I think), was extremely short for her age (it may have been a growth disorder, who knows) and her mother died before she moved to England. She didn’t deserve any of what she got; she was a good person.

The supposed cause of death is a drug overdose, she’s been in and out of self-harming before. I’m not here to report the news or anything, just to mourn the death of a young woman. At 19, it’s a shame to have lost such a young life and such a good one, at that. Louise was going through paramedic training, had first aid qualifications, had been a dedicated member of the Air Cadets and had a job and a flat of her own. She’d travel from out of town every Monday and Friday to attend Air Cadets in Barrow, a while out of her way.

I’ll sum this up quickly, rather than keeping you reading such a sad tale. R.I.P. Louise, 19 was far too young an age to go. If any of you are from Barrow or the surrounding areas, knew Louise or just want to pay your respects, there is a FaceBook page in her memory here. She had a brother a few years younger and many close friends. It’s a loss to the community and a family, plus it’s shocking to lose someone at such a young age. She’ll be missed always by many people. R.I.P Louise. -George.

April 20, 2011

Something that needs to happen…

Just a quick post/rant this evening as it is quite late –

Found an interesting picture on reddit today, and I want to share it with you all.

What has happened to The Simpsons?! It has been milked too much now, no new storyline ideas and the last good ‘episode’ was the movie. I always love watching the old re-runs on Sky 1 but never the new episodes. The older ones bring back so many memories; the ‘monorail’ episode from season 4 sticks in my mind constantly. It seriously needs a new direction. The picture above is a hint to what I am thinking of…

– Ellis

April 19, 2011

Miscellaneous Site Stats.

Just a quick post pertaining to the site:

Thank you to you all! Yesterday, we reached 90 daily views, smashing our previous record and we just topped 200 over-all this morning. This is a phenomenal achievement for a blog that’s been going just over a week! Thank you all so much!

We now have 2 subscribers too! Hooray!

And apparently someone found our site as a search engine result for ‘machamp in lava’. Pretty random.

So, yeah, we’re making progress in leaps and bounds; just wanted to thank all the readers! :) I can’t post much right now (I’m doing this off my iPod), but expect 2 emotional posts to come ASAP. Thanks again everyone. -George.

April 18, 2011

5 Games For Charity.

Just a quick post here, but that doesn’t diminish the importance.

I’ve just discovered about something really great.

Frozenbyte are selling a bundle of 5 games for as little or as much as you want to pay.

Plus, you can donate some of your payment to charity. You can pay as little as $0.01, 1 cent, or as much as you’d like, people have donated up to $2,000. Even if you’re not a gamer, this is a deal worth looking into. 5 PC games, selling for as much as you’d like, for charity. The two charities in question are Electronic Frontier Foundation, a charity that support the public in electronic legal battles, and Child’s Play, a charity that provides hospitals for children.

So, yeah, gamer or not, why not give a dollar or two to charity and try out something new?

And if you are a gamer, you get 5 amazing games (technically, there’s only 3 right now, but 2 more are getting added when they’re finished) for a bargain price.

All the while, giving money to charity. What are you waiting for? Go, buy ’em now.

In case you missed it earlier, the direct link is here: http://www.humblebundle.com/

Thanks everyone. -George.

April 18, 2011

Just across the pond…

Just a quick post –

It’s an amazing thing, the social enviroment we call ‘The Internet’. I have been amazed at how social media and space like Youtube and Facebook have took off in the last few year. It has opened a whole new world of opportunity! Why am I saying this? Well, I made a new friend today. He does not live next door, down the street or ‘just across town’. No, he lives in North Carolina, America. As I say, the internet is really amazing – how I am able to meet so many new people with a few simple mouse clicks. Of course, this is happening every second of every day; people meeting other people, sharing stories and memories.

In dedication too this, I have decided too list an example of succesful social media so you can see for yourself how amazing our internet is…


Redditgifts is just amazing. It is a whole platform built upon exchanging gifts. It has a success rate of around 90% and the whole community is totally honest. I urge you too check it out and start exchanging gifts now! From their website –

“RedditGifts is the world’s largest gift exchange platform. Our gift exchanges are like Secret Santa exchanges, only more awesome. Interested people sign up, are assigned gift recipients by the computer machine, and then they do their best to surprise and delight their random stranger.”

Also make sure you check back here for most posts – we are trying to make them daily now!

Thanks! Ellis.

April 18, 2011

Motivation: It’s Funny.

It’s a strange word, “motivation”. Probably because it’s a strange thing.

Odd how we won’t post anything for a day, then we’ll both post something on the same day. Is it ’cause we’re motivated? Well, I think Ellis is, at least.

Thing is, I’m not less motivated to write the blog, I’m just more distracted by other things. If that makes sense? But then, seeing Ellis’ post, made me even more motivated to write this post about being un-motivated… Confused? I am.

I guess that motivation can be found in the strangest of places, to do even the smallest of things. Sometimes we’re less motivated, other times we’re more distracted. Is there a connection, perhaps? I sure think so.

It seems to me, that I’m a LOT more motivated to write for the blog and do other things when there are less distractions in my life. Even tiny distractions can affect us, things like hunger, sleep deprivation and being thirsty. (All 3 of which I’m suffering from right now.) It’s these 3 things that made me, in a way, less motivated to write. Except, I’m not, I’m just more distracted. Ironically linking in with one of my recent posts, I’m now procrastinating to my advantage by putting off going to sleep and writing this. Odd, isn’t it? Motivation, distractions. Are they linked? What do you guys think?

I think they are, personally. I think all kinds of distractions can make us feel ‘less motivated. Things that appear ‘more fun’ to do, hunger, sleep deprivation, loud noises, continuous noises, family members, friends, being hungover, being hungry, etc., etc., the list goes on.

Thing is, whilst I’m suffering from a few of those, I’m not less motivated, I’m just more distracted. Mainly by StepMania. (Sorry about that, guys. D:) So, I’ll have to use this to my advantage and possibly write a post about that sooner or later. Or maybe I won’t. It depends what’s distracting me and what’s motivating me.

Just my musings for the night before I go to sleep; wanted to post something for you all, I felt awful for missing a day.