Procrastinating Perfectionism?

So, I’ve just read this article:

It is, quite frankly, amazing. It’s just opened my eyes to a link I didn’t notice. Not only am I  huge procrastinator, I am an obsessive perfectionist. Being a gamer as well as a completionist, I will ALWAYS attempt to finish games to their maximum completion. I will 100% everything; beat every time trial, collect every coin, earn every star, the list goes on. Often when I’m procrastinating from things like school work (who doesn’t, seriously?), I will play flash games and attempt to reach a level of perfection within them to quell my boredom. I am constantly trying to reach a higher/better score or trying to finish a game faster or even just to complete every aspect of it without fail. This explains my liking to sites such as ThirdStyle; there is an attainable level of perfection which I can strive towards. (AAAs/perfect scores.)

My procrastination has it’s downsides, yes, but I am a hardcore completionist/perfectionist and I’m pretty sure I have mild OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; perfection at its finest.

There are downfalls to being a procrastinater and a perfectionist, each has it’s own pros and cons, but they work for me and they allow me a strong work ethic with extremely high targets set for everything I write, produce, play, learn, etc. I am not only these things, I am also majorly competitive, which is probably linked to my perfectionism. I’m not an arrogant “i’m bettaz than yo foos” twat that dwells on my victories and gloats and brags, but I will try my best in all walks of my life.

Long story short – This stuff has it’s ups and downs. But I am extremely dedicated and committed and I have  a strong work ethic from it. Everything I do, I do to the best of my abilities and perfection is something I strive towards. Some people might think I’m crazy; but I’m me, and it works. I’m extremely academically gifted as well as sporting and musically dedicated. I also dedicate as much of my time as possible towards my amazing girlfriend, who I dote on and would do anything for.

Perfectionism and procrastination. Sure, they can be bad, but I put 150% into everything. Even the irrelevant stuff. Not many people can claim to do that on the important stuff. Fact is; I’m going places and it’s my determination, competitive spirit and drive for perfection that’s taking me there. Thanks for reading, -George.

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